sales Sales

We sell a wide range of refurbished laptops from a little as £99. All checked and tested with operating system installed. All WiFi and internet ready with warranty. We can take your old/broken laptop as part exchange-just pay a balance. We sell a wide range of portable computer accessories: webcams, bags, power supplies/chargers, USB hubs, WiFi controllers and many more. We offer discount for students and trade customers. We buy laptops for cash. Working or not. Empty your storage and bring your old, dusty laptop to our shop - we might buy it for cash. All makes and models.

wrench Repairs

We repair all makes and models of laptops and notebooks. All types of issues. Free diagnostic when laptop repairs in our workshop. Motherboard faults: black screen, laptop reboots continuously, overheat, no charging. LCD screen faults: no backlight, broken/smashed screen. BIOS faults: password removal, updates, recovery after unsuccessful update, CMOS battery replacement. Hard drive faults: data recovery, hard drive replacement, data transfer. Software problems: all operating system reinstall, missing drivers, installing, all kinds of software installing, software Updates, virus removal and many more. We make the following repairs: DC socket replacement, graphic chip Reballing and replacement, CPU Reballing and replacement and all other advanced repairs.

upgrade Upgrades

Your laptop needs more memory or larger hard drive-no problem. We can replace drives or add memory. We take your old parts or components in p/x, so you pay balance only. Discounts for multiple services.

insurance Insurance reports

We do fully approve insurance reports. Our report includes pictures of damage, cost of repair and recommendation to Replace if the laptop is out of economical repair. We provide all the details to an insurance company so you avoid the excuses and make the situation clear.

washing Cleaning

Our new service is cooling system cleaning and maintenance. Is your laptop warm or making a noise while it is trying to cool itself? The system works very similar to a vacuum cleaner. It sucks all the dirt around. After a year of normal use all the air channels Inside are completely blocked by dirt causing overheating. Also the grease between CPU/graphic chip and cooling system becomes hard and does not drain off the heat. The bottom of your laptop becomes hot and fan getting loud. Using a cooling mat does not resolve the issue and isn't safe, it just cools down the case. The components still overheat and In many cases laptops just die, making the repair very expensive. We do the professional laptop cleaning. We clean all the cooling system and change your old grease for the high conductive one. This simple and cheap service extremely increases laptops life.
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