Why us?

Computers, laptops and IT are our passion. We have in our team highly qualified, experienced engineers. They have wide knowledge of laptop issues, software and hardware, wireless networks. Our advantage is long experience in using testing and repairing equipment. We are not random people who might break down your expensive laptop using DIY or garden tools from B&Q or kitchen appliances. See on the pictures what do some "SPECIALISTS" do.

Don't trust Ebay adverts, you can't successfully repair a modern laptop using DIY, garden or kitchen tools. We provide the highest possible level of repairs. We work on newer, professional most advanced equipment so we can Repair all laptops in the market. We do all advanced repairs including BGA chips Reballing. We do not use DIY tools. We help you to choose the most economical way to repair or upgrade your laptop or notebook. We help you to avoid meaningless costs and inform you when your hardware is out of economical repair. All our repairs are covered by warranty. We have all popular spare parts, LCD screens, DC sockets, hard drives, optical drives, memory chips, processors, popular BGA chips in stock so the many repairs are done the same or next day. Less popular parts we can order at very reasonable time and your laptop don’t collect dust on our shelves. We provide discounts for trade customers. Quality service guaranteed, reasonable prices, no hidden fees, clear fault description with possible ways to repair.
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